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Benefits & Many uses of Counting Bears for Toddlers

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Young kids love bears and this is a great way to help toddlers master early math skills.. You can use any type of colored bears, but we love using the Skoolzy Rainbow counting bears for many of these activities since you only need one toy.   These best seller toddler toys have many uses from color sorting toys for toddlers and color matching game to preschool manipulatives and math counters manipulatives for elementary students

 The advantage of using these manipulatives for math activities is that most children find them to be fun and make learning more like playing.



  • Learning Color Names

Name the colors of each bear as you take them out. You can isolate the color that you need to work on until your child is comfortable and then move to the next one. “Show me the red bear”, Put the purple bear in the yellow cup”.


  • Color sorting and Matching

You can use the teddy  bear counters for color matching games. Have your little ones sort the bears into piles according to color. You can also have them match the bears to their corresponding cup


  • Fine Motor Skills for Toddlers

Counting bears can be used as fine motor toys for toddler . Picking up, placing aand emptying the baby bears from their matching cups is good practice for grasping and fine motor skills. This helps develop hand-eye coordination.


  • Count and One to one correspondence

The easiest thing to do with the counting toys for toddlers is of course to count them! Have you child count with you as they hold or point to each one. Count as high as they can go (which is not very high at this age).


  • Sequencing and Patterning

Counting  bears are a great math manipulative that is appropriate for toddlers and preschoolers. Not every child is crazy about doing pattern activities, but it is a great early math skill that children need to master. You can start with simple AB patterns such as red, blue, red blue etc and ask you child what comes next. Once they have mastered these you can move on to ABC patterns etc.


  • Language and Imaginative Play

Use them as props for story time and pretend play .There are so many great stories that include  bears  such as  Goldilocks and the Three bears. Bear Counts,  , to Brown Bear Brown

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