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Building and Construction Sets for Toddlers

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Building or construction toys are excellent educational toys for all ages of children and youths. Most sets are designed for particular age groups and developmental levels; the best sets are versatile and can be used in different ways as the child matures over time.

High quality building toys for toddlers are designed to be just the right size for small hands. The pieces can be easily grasped and manipulated. The parts fit smoothly together so the toy is not frustrating but is still challenging enough to keep the child focused. They also continue to be appealing to the older child.

Construction sets for toddlers provide so many learning opportunities and can even be turned into games.  The preschoolers may practice color and shape recognition. As they put the parts together, the kids will perfect fine motor skills, including strength, dexterity, grasping and pinching, and eye hand coordination. While they build their structures, toddlers will show their creativity and practice patience and focus. They will develop planning and prediction skills. They may learn about balance and gravity. And these building toys for preschoolers are excellent for learning early math skills of matching, patterns, counting, the concept of numbers and adding and subtraction. Who knew that a basic toy could provide so much?

Building toys for preschoolers come in incredible variety. The toy may be as simple as the traditional wooden alphabet blocks or as complex as interlocking snowflake shaped pieces. There are sets with chain pieces that link together or giant straws with connecting pieces. A very popular building toy for toddlers is jumbo sized nuts and bolts with cross pieces and wheels or straws and connectors. It is a good example of construction sets for toddlers as well as building construction games which provide all the chances to learn and practice the skills mentioned above as well as build in team environments and develop your social skills.  I also like a pipe and joint construction set with unique shaped pieces and wheels to let your imagination run wild with the freedom of unlimited building potential.

When choosing building toys for toddlers, construction sets for toddlers and building construction games, consider quality, durability and educational and entertainment value.

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