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Creativity & Imagination Toys for Toddlers

Browse our selection of Creativity Toys for 1-5 Year Old kids.  Skoolzy offers the best Imagination Toys for Toddlers & Preschoolers.  Shop now!

Peg Board Creative Art

$ 29.99 Creative Peg Board Toddlers kids

Nuts and Bolts Construction Set

$ 25.95 building toys for boys

For Toddlers with Tool Box Storage Container, Idea Guide & Ratchet - Boys and Girls Construction Builder Set

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Star Flex Creative Connecting Construction Kit

$ 24.99 brain flakes toys

STEM Manipluative Brain Building Toy Montessori Games Preschool Kindergarten

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Peg Button Art Fun

$ 21.99 Peg Button Art Fun For Preschoolers

Creative Children Activity Toy. Portable Color Matching Pegboard with 12 Reusable Templates and Stand - Fine Motor Toddler Game for Boys and Girls.

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Construction Building Toys Tool Kit

$ 25.99 tools toys for boys

Complete Preschool Screwing Tools Set - Boys and Girl Builder Shapes Toys

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25 Natural Wood Blocks Lacing Beads

$ 17.99 Wooden Blocks Lacing Toys for kids

Montessori Materials Preschool Toys Waldorf Motor Skills Stacking Building OT

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Jumbo Create O Flakes - Creative Brain Building Toy

$ 19.99  best educational toys for preschoolers

120 Jumbo Create O Flakes Connecting Construction Kit for kids - STEM Manipulative Set with Traveling Storage Backpack

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30 pc Joint Construction

$ 21.99 30 pc Joint Construction

Building and Stacking Interlocking Set by Skoolzy - Montessori Games Fine Motor Skills Toys

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30 Wooden Alphabet Letter Blocks

$ 19.91 Wooden Alphabet Blocks Toys For Kids

Wooden ABC Toddler, Preschool & Kindergarten Building Toy. Wood Reading Stacking with Carrying Tote

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408 Piece Straws and Wheels Connector Set - STEM Building Kit

$ 29.99 Best Stem Building Toys For Preschool

Educational Building Model Toy Promotes Cognitive Development, Fine Motor Skills and Spatial Reasoning

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Connect a Straw Structures Building Construction Kit

$ 19.99 Educational Straw Building Kit

200 Pc Straws & Connectors STEM Set - Preschool Fine Motor Skill Toys for Girls and Boys

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Peg Board Set with Pattern Card

$ 19.99 best seller toddler toys

Fine Motor Toy for Toddlers and Preschoolers Occupational Therapy Montessori Color Recognition Sorting

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Toddler Peg Board Set

$ 19.99 toddler toys pegboard

Montessori Occupational Therapy Fine Motor Toy for Toddlers and Preschoolers with 30 Pegs in a Board for Color Recognition Sorting & Counting by Skoolzy - Free 20+ Activity Pegboard Download

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