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What Your Toddler Should Know Before Preschool

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"We've done some research for you, and here are some benchmarks that help determine preschool readiness. Don't worry if your child doesn't meet all of the expectations listed – these are not "standards," rather "suggestions."

Skills That Will Give Your Child an Awesome Start To Preschool

What an exciting time! Your toddler is ready for preschool! Or, at least you think he is ready. Sometimes it's hard to determine. We've done some research for you, and here are some benchmarks that help determine preschool readiness. Don't worry if your child doesn't meet all of the expectations listed – these are not "standards," rather suggestions.


Social skills
Preschool might be the first opportunity your child has to play and mix with a group of students. She will learn a lot of these social skills during preschool, but it's even better if she has a jump-start to understanding these skills before she begins.

  • Does she understand and exhibit good manners, saying "please" and "thank you" appropriately?
  • Does he show empathy toward others? If a friend gets hurt, does he try to show comfort to another?
  • Can she work together, cooperating with others?
  • Can he apologize if he makes a mistake?
  • Does she exhibit healthy playground etiquette—sharing, taking turns, playing fairly?



  • Is he emotionally resilient? Can he ask for help or cope with minor problems/disappointments on his own?
  • Can she recognize and express a variety of emotions?  ("Copy Me" is a great way for your child to learn emotions by mimicking shyness, sadness, joy, etc… through body language and facial expressions.)
  • Is he socially independent? Is he ready to make new friends?
  • Is she self-sufficient? Can she take care of herself and ask for what she needs?
  • Does he exhibit good concentration? Can he pay attention?
  • Is his separation anxiety at a minimum?


  • Here are some academic areas where your child may be expected to perform, and some Skoolzy products that can help her to really shine!
  • Can he identify basic shapes? 

  • Does she understand basic color recognition?

                           toddler manners, preschool qualities, toddler essential skills, preschool, toddler activitiesRainbow Counting Bears with Matching Cups


  • Has she had a basic introduction to the alphabet?

                          alphabet blocks, letters, wooden alphabet blocks, language, toddler toys30 Wooden Alphabet Blocks


  • Does he understand basic numbers, sorting, sequencing, counting? 

                             math manipulatives, links, counting, sorting, occupational therapy120 Math Links



  • Can he wash his hands by himself?
  • Can she blow or wipe his nose without help?
  • Can he get dressed by himself?
  • Can she open lunch containers?
  • Can he open and insert straws into milk or juice containers on his own?
  • Can she use eating utensils?
  • Can he manipulate simple clothing fasteners (zip and button pants)?
  • Can she zip a backpack?
  • Does he cover his mouth when coughing or sneezing?
  • Can she be expected to clean up after himself and begin to help clean up community areas?
  • Can he put on a coat or sweater without help?
  • Can she put on gloves or mittens with little assistance?
  • BONUS Is he beginning to learn to tie his shoes? 


    toddler manners, self-care, preschool prep, preschool, kids manners


      • Can she grasp a primary pencil?
      • Does he have a relative spacial awareness of himself and others, giving others enough space? 

      SPECIAL NOTE All children go through potty training at their own speed. Ask your preschool about their potty training policy. If your child is expected to use the toilet independently, then consider whether your child is developmentally ready to do so. Don’t force it if he is not. However, if your child can keep his diaper dry for an hour, then it’s a good sign that he is ready to begin training. Most preschools are willing to help with the toilet training process. This should lead up to using the toilet independently.

      Fine motor skills

      • Does she exhibit good hand-eye coordination?
      • Can he isolate individual fingers?
      • Does she show hand dominance? Does he use one hand more often than the other for most activities?
      • Does he have healthy grasp precision and pincer grasp? Can he hold crayons using the thumb and fingers?

      Children learn as much from their mistakes as they do from their successes, so allow your child to experience both. Also, be sure to balance learning and play. Better yet, make learning fun by choosing fun, educational games and toys, such as Skoolzy products!

      SPECIAL NOTE Children develop at different rates and what one child is able to do at a certain age might not be realistic to expect from another child at the same age. The above lists are general guides.

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