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Pegboard Heart Activity - Fine Motor Skills

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It is always fun to sneak in some fine motor skills to any learning activity. We have a fun way to incorporate Valentine’s Day into a fun fine motor peg board activity. There are so many fine motor skills that can be learnt from working with peg boards.


This toddler activity incorporates eye-hand coordination, pincer grip for pre-writing exercise and some cutting.  So get some free occupational therapy and a few hugs!




pegboards fine motor skills



  • Take cardstock paper
  • Fold in half
  • Draw half a hart along the fold
  • Have your preschooler or toddler cut on the lines
  • Place on pegboard and make sure you can see the holes around the heart
  • Place the pegs around the heart




  • Cut different shapes – stars, squares – place on board and fit pegs around them
  • Stack the pegs by color or by shape
  • Put the pegs in rainbow order



  • Pincer grip
  • Finger strengthening
  • Cutting
  • Hand–eye coordination
  • In hand manipulation
  • Color recognition
  • Bilateral coordination
  • Shape recognition
  • Patterning



We hope you and your little ones enjoy!

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