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How to Choose Counting Toys for 2 year Olds?

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Learning toys are readily available these days but some parents are still unaware of the advantages of these games. They are not sure which educational toys they should buy for their kids. They want their kids to learn but they do not know which skills they should be encouraging.

Here we’ll talk about some very simple counting toys for 2 year olds and what kids can learn.

 1# Building blocks with numbers

Plastic or wooden blocks with numbers is a basic toy that helps toddlers become aware of numbers. By counting the blocks and matching the blocks to the number, 2 year olds are being exposed to the numeral and the concept of numbers. This encourages the learning of numbers by rote.


2# Blocks with numbers and colors

Providing numbered blocks in different colors for 2 year olds gives an additional dimension. Besides learning numerals and color recognition, kids will practice early math skills of matching, sorting and one to one correspondence.


3# Blocks embossed with numbers and matching images

This toy includes blocks with numbers which also match the number to an item. For instance, the block with number one could have an image of an apple and the block with number two would have two images of apples. The images could be any items familiar to toddlers. Kids will become aware that a number represents a quantity.

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4#Number blocks in different shapes

This toy introduces kids to different geometric shapes like circle, square, rectangle and triangle. They are also very good in teaching early math skills. Kids learn that 2 small blocks makes one large block. 2 triangles makes a square.


5# Pegboard with numbering pegs

This interesting game contains a large board with holes and a number of pegs labeled with different numbers. For number one, kids take one peg and fixes it on the board. For number two, they take two pegs and in this way, they keep increasing the number of pegs with each number.


Counting toys for 2 year olds do not need to be complex. With adult encouragement kids will quickly learn counting and early math skills.

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