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Fantastic Easter Activities for Kids

Posted by Amanda Jacobs on

Easter Activities for kIds

Easter is just around the corner but not all of us have good weather! So we've compiled a fun list of fun Easter activities for kids that can can be played indoors or out! 


Indoor Easter Activities For Kids

What’s fun about these activities is that you can find almost everything you need at home. Simple, fun and educational. Just what you need in times like these.

Save your eggs and a trip to the grocery store with the Skoolzy Egg Shapes


Hip Hop To The Hippity Hop

 Easter Activities for kids

It’s the traditional Easter egg hunt with a twist by making the kids hop, rather than just walking around, to find the eggs. It makes the activity a bit more challenging and fun and a great way to promote gross motor skills!


Memory Matching Game

Memory Matching Game

Check out this idea from one of our previous blogs, Easter Egg Memory Match Game.

All you need are the basic egg shapes and colors, and your hands!

This game is not only fun to play with but also a great way for your kids to learn shapes and colors while improving their memory skills. 


Hunt by Color or Shape!

Easter Activities for KIds

Challenge your child to find the eggs based on their color or shape! Or hide the egg halves in different rooms and encourage your kids to work together to match the halves! 

You could even try writing down colors and/or the shape names on pieces of paper, and place them face down on the table. Your child turns one over at random and then needs to find the egg with the corresponding color or shape!


Egg Hunter -- Hot or Cold?

Easter Activities for Kids

This game helps children (the Hunter) refine their listening skills and learn the idea of opposites. It is a simple hot and cold egg hunt. Hide your eggs or one egg in a way that is fun, yet challenging for your child’s age.

Then, direct hunter to that egg using the concept of "hot" and "hotter", "burning" or "scorching" as they get closer, and "cold" and "colder" as they move further away from the hidden egg! They move too far away and it could get "freezing" or "icy"! 


Egg Scavenger Hunt

Easter Egg Scavenger hunt Printable

For this game, write simple clues that points to the next location, or draw pictures for non-readers on slips of paper that you can put inside the eggs. Then, let the egg scavenger hunt begin. Let your kids work together to solve clues of the next location in order to find the hidden eggs. Check out our free Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt printable clues


Kids in Charge

Easter Activities for Kids

Let your kids hide the eggs. This is fun and lets your child have the sense of responsibility and gives them the chance to put their creativity skills to use as they exercise their leadership skills and ownership. 

Hopefully they will be able to tap into their memory skills and remember all the crazy places they hid the eggs!

Hide and Seek Egg Hunt in the Dark

Kids LOVE hide and seek!  Turn it up a notch by doing it in the dark.

treasure hunt for toddlers

This is a fun game the whole family can play. It’s simple. The usual egg hunt game you have known but do it in the dark. Then, armed with flashlights let your kids hunt and search for the eggs. 

Action Easter Egg Hunt

Fun Easter Activities Kids

Mix the egg halves in a bag, get your child to pick one out at random, then you both (or just them!), do the exercise that corresponds to the color on our Easter Egg workout! Keep going until you're too tired to continue :-)


Whatever you choose to do this Easter, have fun and save us some chocolate!


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