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Developmental Milestones 8-12 months

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Developmental Milestones 8-12 months

Let's look at the main developmental milestones for 8 to 12-month-olds. 

Developmental Milestones: 8 - 12 month olds

Now that your baby is becoming super mobile, it's time to watch out! 

From around 8 - 12 months, these are the milestones you should expect to see:

  • They’re on the move as they crawl or scoot on their bottom or creep around on their tummy. Time to be careful, as that means they can now reach and grab objects and put them in their mouth!

  • You might see them rocking back and forth on all fours – that’s them building their muscles before they graduate to a fully-fledged crawler.

  • As they continue to build their strength, they’ll be able to stand without assistance and the “cruising’ phase begins – where they’ll use whatever objects they can (furniture, toys, people, etc) to lean on as they start to walk around. For some, their first unsupported steps, are around the corner.
  • Dropping and picking up objects is now on their to-do list, and that includes finger food!
  • They're now able to pick up small things (like cheerios) using their thumb and pointer finger (pincer grip).
  • Never a quiet moment, as they’ll enjoy making new sounds and will start banging their toys together when they’re not biting or chewing on them.
  • By this age, they start to gain a little independence and are able to hold a spoon (their aim will still be off though!) and hold a bottle to drink from.
  • They’ll offer you objects from their hand but won’t always release them.
  • As their bond continues to form with their primary caregivers, they’ll enjoy having company while playing, and may get distressed when left alone or with strangers.
  • They’ll also babble frequently and let out random shouts to attract attention. You may even hear a “dada”!
  • Say goodbye to the awkward changing stage, as they’ll now be able to hold out their arm or leg when you’re getting them dressed.
  • By this age, they can now understand certain gestures like a wave for goodbye and will try to copy them and will respond to their name being called.
  • They’re also starting to understand “Yes” and “No” and may even momentarily stop what they’re doing when you say “no”!
  • As they listen to the same songs and imitate the actions you make, you’ll notice their recall getting better.
  • Between 9-12 months, babies can sit independently.


    The Best Activities for Kids: 8 to 12 months old

    Reading Time

    Foster his love of reading but continuing to regularly read to him from simple baby books. Point at the pictures and name them and let him try to turn the pages. 


    Singing Time

    Sing to your baby and play her music. Do the actions and watch as your baby tries to copy them. Songs like ‘If you’re happy and you know it’, “Round and round the garden” and ‘Heads, shoulders, knees and toes” are great action songs to sing. Kids love repetition so get ready to repeat them over and over… and over!


    Let’s Get Physical

    Give him lots of space to move around and help develop those gross motor skills by taking his hands as he tries to walk and encouraging him to crawl towards his favorite toy and reach up to grab things. Make sure to surround him with pillows as he starts to sit to support him and in case he tumbles.


    Taste Test

    As your little one is starting to enjoy new smells and tastes, let her develop her fine motor skills by giving her finger food with different textures and shapes so she can practice her pincer grip while expanding her palette. Cooked peas, shredded cheese, cheerios, and soft vegetable chips for babies are great things for her to learn to pick up and hold (and eat!)


    Put Them Away

    As your baby is getting more and more skilled with his hands, get some plastic containers or clean egg cartons, and encourage him to put objects in and out of them. Give him everyday objects to make sounds with – simple things like a wooden spoon and pots and pans are great options!


    Skoolzy’s Recommendations:

    Skoolzy's Stacking Cups

    Learning toy 8-12 months

    These stacking cups are great for babies this age to bang together and put objects in and out of them. As they get older they'll enjoy using them for stacking, practicing colors, counting, and more. 


    Developmental Milestones 8-12 months

    Download and share our Developmental Milestones Checklist for 8 - 12 months olds


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