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6 Rainbow Primary Color Identification, Sorting and Matching Cups by Skoolzy


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  • The 6 Rainbow Primary Color Matching Cups Toys and an educational aid to your rainbow colored toys, such as beads, links, pegs, counters and buttons.
  • The vibrant colored cups match the Skoolzy math manipulative and counter toys, allowing you to create your own games at home or in school.

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Color Matching Cups Toys for Kids

  • Stumped for best toys for a 1 year old, or even a 2 or 3 year old boy or girl to give as a gift? Both parents and kids will love this!
  • A great fine motor skills development toy for 2 years olds, 3 years olds, autistic kids and boys and girls alike. This educational math games toy, includes sorting and counting activities for toddlers and preschoolers which will help to develop those cognitive muscles and color recognition too.
  • This sorting cups makes for a great kids math games for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten children. Use it with our dice, bear train extension kit or with number cards.
  • Can also be used as bath toys for bath time for every boy and girl! The sorting cups can be used for Montessori, pre-math skills toys and as occupational therapy toys. They make for one amazing addition to your childs learning toy collection.

  • 6 Plastic Matching Cups (3.5in x 3 in)
  • 1 Storage Container with Lid (7inx3in)
  • Rainbow Primary Color Sorting Cups

  • 6 primary colored cups are made of durable materials that are dishwasher safe. It is deep allowing more space for math games. It is made of precise colors matching any other fun learning sorting toys.

  • This learning resource toy is BPA free and plastic made of ABS it offers good resistance to heat and chemicals ensure toys are safe and harmless. In fact, one can use the cups for drinking.

  • This color sorting cup is great for building fine motor skills while putting items inside the cups, eye-hand coordination skills as they manipulate counters, color identification, vocabulary development, sorting and patterning skills, counting skills and early math skills for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten children thus it is also a great fun learning tool for occupational therapy.

  • This Montessori toy comes with a big storage cup and cover that will help in keeping your color matching cups in place when not in use. Convenient for travel or clean up.

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