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Skoolzy Rainbow Toddler Fine Motor Skills Toys Set For Counting, Color Sorting, Arts and Crafts


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  • FINE MOTOR SKILLS DEVELOPMENT: Children develop fine motor control, sorting skills and hand eye coordination using our engaging color sorting kit with manipulatives for preschoolers or other small objects you already have at home such as beads, buttons or blocks. This fine motor tool sets has kid-appeal with bright, vibrant colors: red, yellow, orange, green, blue, and purple. Pick, scoop and sort while building the muscle control and coordination they needed for writing!  Great for ages 3+


  • COLORFUL sorting cups and scissor tongs are ideal for all counting and sorting activities. The rainbow scoopers (7" long) are easy for small hands to use, and improve fine motor skills. The size makes them versatile for picking up a variety of different sized objects.The food grade sorting activity cups measure 3" diameter and 3.5" deep with 6 rainbow colors. The montessori color identification activity can be used to sort, classify, and order objects and build basic math skills for preschoolers

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