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Skoolzy Fine Motor Skills Toys - Rainbow Color Sorting for Toddlers Scissor Tongs


  • $ 12.97

  • EASY TO USE: Scissor-style handles are easy to use and help children develop fine motor coordination and finger dexterity. Even beginners can pick up all kinds of small objects with our rainbow colored easy-to-use scoops, building fine motor skills as they play! The grabbers are brightly colored with clear tops and scissor handles. The easy-grip plastic handles open and close just like scissors!


  • HAND-EYE COORDINATION: Children work with the scoop toys on fine motor strength needed to open and shut scissors and the bilateral hand coordination needed to handle both  paper and scissors. The fine motor skills toys scooping tools are great for occupational therapy and improving visual motor skills and the eye-hand coordination needed to cut along lines.

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