The #SkoolzyTeach Challenge 2020
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The #SkoolzyTeach Challenge 2020

Learning through play #Skoolzyteach

Be Part of #SkoolzyTeach 2020

We know this year is going to be different for a lot us. With many children unable to start in-person school this fall, parents with young children will be looking at ways to keep their little ones happy and entertained while furthering their growth and development. 


The #SkoolzyTeach Challenge is about helping each other by bringing together the collective knowledge of Skoolzy families and sharing these tips and ideas with other parents. Our motto at Skoolzy is Each One Teach One as we all have so much to learn from each other, and to teach one another. And one of the greatest gifts we can give is to share our knowledge to lift up others. There’s never been a more important time for us to pull together and support one another.  


Play is one of the most important ways a young child learns. Learning through play is how children make sense of the world around them and how they develop a plethora of skills including cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and communication skills. For the next month, we’re calling on you, our Skoolzy families, to share with other parents and teachers all the awesome ways you've thought of to introduce learning through play to your little ones. 


So, what can you do? 

As most of our toys are designed to be used by children at each stage of their development, we’re asking you to share with each other the interesting, innovative or unconventional ways you use our toys to help your child’s growth and development. 

Learning through play SkoolzyTeach

Have you found a novel way to use our toys to teach STEM or geometry or color recognition? Maybe you use the connecting straws to form color patterns to teach your child about sequencing? Or the pipe joint constructions to make shapes? Or the string and beads to form letters and shapes? Or the bears for tic tac toe?

Whatever your ideas, we’d love to hear them and share them with others.  


What do you get back?

In return for sharing your ideas and participating in the #SkoolzyTeach Challenge:  

  1. We'll send you an exclusive ebook with everyone's ideas and tips
  2. The top 5 best ideas will win some awesome toys!
  3. Expert tips on child development and learning through play


We can’t wait to hear all about the different ways you’ve found to enhance your child’s learning through play, as well as any novel ways your child has found to play with their toys. 


It's really quick and easy to submit your ideas

  1. Think of a new or different or interesting or fun way to play or learn with a Skoolzy toy 
  2. Email us at with a description of your idea (and attach a photo and/or video) or fill in the online form below* 
  3. Want to also share your ideas on social media? Don't forget to tag #SkoolzyTeach. To get great tips and ideas without having to wait for the ebook, follow #SkoolzyTeach for instant access!
  4. Sit back, relax and keep playing!

Remember, the top 5 ideas will win Skoolzy toys. Have more than one idea? Great! Keep them coming and share them all!**


The deadline for entries is September 20th 2020. 


*Please read #SkoolzyTeach Competition Rules before entering

**Entrants can submit multiple ideas at a time or separately. The same idea can not be entered more than once.  


Share with your friends and family

Have a friend or a relative who has creative ways to teach their kids through play? Share this with them for their chance to share their ideas and win some toys!