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Preschool Learning Toy - Alphabet Puzzle


  • $ 24.97

  • MONTESSORI TOYS FOR TODDLERS:  The alphabet letters flower garden is multi-purpose in fine motor skills development using the peg stems for stacking and spelling games with the double-sided flower petals; one side has lowercase letters and the other uppercase. The 26 stem includes both for self correction. The vowels are white and the consonants are spring flower colors for playing easy word games. The flowers are designed for easy manipulation by little hands. 4 Blank flowers for extra letters.
  • PRESCHOOL TOYS: Kids will develop letter recognition skills and memory through game play. Build simple CVC and phonic words on the leaf playmat garden. Help your grandson, granddaughter to spell their name for the first time. The preschool learning toys can actively boost memory while having fun with the kindergarten learning games & letter games.  Watch 3 year olds exercise their pincer grip and develop fine motor skills while color sorting the flower manipulatives and stacking the pegs.

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