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Scoop Tongs and Color Bear Dice

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  • The Scoop Tong and Tweezer for for kids is a great fine motor tools set for both girls and boys.
  •  Great way to build the muscles needed for cutting with scissors later in elementary school! The easy grip handles have a double hole for fingers to use with ease, just like scissors do to help children master holding, opening and closing.
  • The math color dice features a different colored bear on each of the 6 sides of the die.
  • Use the Scoop Tongs Toys for 2-5 Year old kids with all of your color sorting toys for toddlers. The preschool toys are perfect for dice games and math games. 

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Scoop Tongs Toys and Color Bear Dice

A great fine motor skills development tool set for 2 years olds, 3 years olds, autistic kids and boys and girls alike.

  • 1 Two-toned scoop tong (7 x 2 inches)
  • 1 Rainbow Color Bear Die (1.5 inch square)

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