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Mini Solid Geometric Shapes

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  • The Mini Solid Geometric Shapes For Preschool make the teaching of the properties of 3 Dimensional geometric shapes easy.
  • These mini geo solids. 3d shapes provide hands-on experience in geometry concepts such as identification and classification  3-D shapes, learn shape attributes, identify faces & vertices and more.
  • Explore STEM with these educational manipulatives. This montessori math materials ca be used toincorporate applied math and science principles into classroom and homeschool-based projects.
  • Perfect for teachers in pre-K, elementary and secondary classrooms to demonstrate concepts and real-world applications through hands-on activities, literacy and STEM curriculum.

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8 Mini 3d Shapes Geometric Solid Set

Perfect for classroom demonstrations and small group activities the mini 3d shapes geo solids are a wonderful introductory learning resources for kids age groups 5 and up. This early learning resources set provides opportunities to experiment with simple mechanics, physics, engineering and science - systems thinking made simple. Little ones get a first introduction to symmetry, perimeter, area, surface area and volume.

  • VERSATILE:These manipulative toys for kids is good for the little engineer or builder and for pretend play. Great birthday or Christmas gift for both girls and boys ages 3 and 4 years old and older as they can make . The geometric solids set can be used for fine motor skill development, eye-hand coordination, primary color recognition, pre-math skills, occupational therapy and just plain old open-ended fun.
  • TRAVEL TOY & CONVENIENT STORAGE: The cloth storage tote bag container makes it easy for your young explorer to clean up, as well as travel while keeping precious pieces contained in one place after creating and exploring new worlds. Travel activities are easily carried in this handy tote that kids will love to carry.

  • 8 plastic geometric shapes:
  • sphere, cube, cylinder, pyramid, triangular prism, 2 rectangular prisms, and 1 cone. (1.0" - 1.5")

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