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Kids Cleaning Toys Set for Toddler & Babies


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  • The Kids Cleaning Toys for 2-4 Years Old Boys & Girl allows children to mimmick everyday chores and be just like Mom and Dad!
  • The cleaning set has real working tools and helps teach responsibility and boosts self-esteem. Playing house is a great way for kids to develop creative confidence and responsibility in a fun way!
  • Hands-on pretend play with the Skoolzy toddler toys play cleaning set helps kids develop fine motor skills, encourages them to get up and moving, and helps foster creativity for kids and imagination. 
  • Kids love playing house independently or with grown-ups.The adjustable spin mop and bucket set is designed for small helping hands. The mop pivots and swivels to  clean under and around furniture, picking up dust, dirt and pet hair.
  • Great for toddlers and their big brother or sister to use with ease. Pour the all natural floor cleaning solution (recipes in eBook) over the mop and let your little one spin it and mop 

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Kids Cleaning Set for Toddler

Kids learn by acting out and copying what their parents do, making the range of role-play toys from Skoolzy Pretend Play line is the ideal learning tools for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners wanting to emulate their parents. Perfect for little ones in age groups 1-5 years old.

Here's why our interactive pretend play toys set is a must-have in your child’s life:

  • - Encourages social skills, teamwork and organization
  • - Encourages independent play, exploration and discovery
  • - Fosters logical thinking, problem solving and imagination
  • - Develops motor skills, grip strength and hand-eye coordination
  • - Keeps children entertained and provides a sense of being grown up, belonging and accomplishment. Be just like Mom and Dad!

  • - 1 Twist Mop
  • - 2 Mop Head
  • - 1 Mop Bucket
  • - 1 Kid Broom
  • - 1 Dustpan
  • - 1 Cleaning Spray Bottle
  • - 1 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • - 1 Cleaning Recipes eBook filled with over 10 easy cleaning solutions & Kids Chore Charts

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