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12 Educational Learning Colors & Shape Recognition Skills Toy Egg Set


  • $ 18.97

  • Skoolzy color matching egg set contain 12 toy eggs in carton. The toy eggs crack in half for matching games.  Using the fine motor skills toys as early learning development toys,  have your 18 month year old baby transfer their egg toy from carton into their easter basket to improve hand-eye coordination and color recognition skills with the color matching toys.
  • Our matching eggs toys for kids contain 12 unique colored eggs that split into two, revealing colors and shapes combinations. The toddler sorting toys are perfect for toddler games, teaching counting, educational toys for preschool games or kindergarten learning games for children to build counting, color and shape skills.
  • These montessori toys for 1 year old are unisex and make fun toys for a  toddler girl or toddler boy. Use the egg toys for toddlers as shape sorter, toddler puzzles to improve hand dexterity, color recognition skills, and children will gain basic life skills.

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