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408 Piece Straws and Wheels Connector Set - STEM Building Kit


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  • The Wheels and Straw Structures Building Construction Kit for Kids supports spatial reasoning and creative play with interlocking straws and connectors, wheels that join together with 5 connector types.
  • Best Stem Building Toys For Preschool, introduces little toddler or preschool inventors to counting, sorting, and problem-solving with this kid’s toy that promotes cognitive development, fine motor skills, and spatial reasoning.
  • The building set is versatile and takes your child from preschool to elementary school. Watch creations gain complexity with your child's cognitive and fine motor skills development. 

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408 Piece Straws and Wheels Connector Set

  • Endless building fun with the Skoolzy Educational Building Set

  • Our Straws and Wheels Connector Set has significant cognitive and academic benefits. Not only is it fun and exciting, but it helps your child develop skills and abilities that he'll use throughout his whole life. Great for kids ages 1-5 and up. By moving and manipulating the straws and connectors into various shapes and clicking them into place, your child will gain fine motor skills, problem-solving experience, and introduction to physics, engineering, and science.
    When peers join in the fun, it fosters teamwork and cooperative play.

  • The straws and connectors are a versatile toy that grows with your child
  • As your curious little engineer develops spatial reasoning and creative confidence, the Skoolzy Building Set lets him design and implement more complex structures, inventions, and forms. You will actually see him progress from elementary color-sorting and house-type figures to more detailed rocket ships, dinosaurs and more. When playtime is over, everything stores easily and quickly in our complimentary snap-lock container. No matter where your child goes, Skoolzy Building Sets keep the creative juices flowing.

  • 210 plastic straws (8" x .25")
  • 190 connectors in 5 unique shapes for extended buiding fun.
  • 8 wheels in 2 sizes
  • 1 Idea guide for building possibilities

  • Creative and learning and family fun rolled into one toy. Kids and adults will enjoy collaborating on multi-dimensional forms while encouraging skills in science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Encourages social interaction, as children are inspired to build extraordinary things.

  • Small pieces are best suited for age 3+. Makes for a great gift for both 3-year old and 4-year-old girls and boys! Compact, portable storage in its own snap-lock container. Encourages clean-up when playtime is over and makes it easy to take to grandma’s house for the day.

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