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Flowers For Mom!

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The world awaits the coming of the month of May. Not just because it's a vacation month, but because it's also the month to enjoy a special celebration–recognizing and appreciating the efforts of the “cradle of the family”–Mom.

Some kids call her Mom, Mommy, Ma, or Mama. Whatever you choose to call her, she is a very special person who does her best to take care of the little ones.

It’s time to pay off and thank Mothers everywhere for their sacrifices with this special Snowflakes Flower Bouquet

Create O Flakes is available online. Check this out–

Step 1.

Skoolzy Create o Flakes

Open the Skoolzy Create O Flakes set so you can freely choose the lovely colors you want, or the colors that are your mom’s favorite. Choose at least 50 flakes and prepare a flower vase. If you don’t have a flower vase, use a cup instead, depending upon your preference.

.Skoolzy Create o Flakes 

Step 2.

Once you have all the colors you want, start to link the flakes and build flowersas many as you can–small, and then bigger ones.

Step 3.

As you finish each flower, put them in the vase or cup.

 Skoolzy Create O Flakes flower bouquet

Step 4.

Surprise Mom before she starts working, or even before she takes her morning coffee or tea.

Skoolzy Create o Flakes flowers

Step 5.

Greet Mom with a cheerful “Happy Mother’s Day!” You can even create a crown and a bracelet.

 Young girl wearing necklace and bracelet made with Skoolzy products


To all Mothers, we here at Skoolzy wish you a lovely Mother's Day!

Celebrate Mother's Day with a 14% discount on select Skoolzy products!














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