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Obstacles to Success in Homeschooling and Teaching

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Obstacles to Success in Homeschooling and Teaching the Montessori Way

Last time we talked about how one of the obstacles to success in homeschooling and teaching or in life is keeping yourself isolated and not interacting with others or being part of a supportive community.

Did that resonate? If it did or you know someone who needs to know the message, please pass on the e-mail or link.

Today let’s focus on Fear.

Obstacle to Success 2 : Fear:

Fear is a great obstacle to success in homeschooling and teaching and in life in general. This is an obstacle we need to prepare our children and students for. It is what separates those that are successful and those that are not. Fear stops you from taking on new challenges and stepping out of your comfort zone. In order to live the life that you dream of and teaching your children in a manner that supports them and their learning styles, you have to learn to take action in the presence of your fear of doing the wrong thing.

Many of you who are now homeschooling, had to face the fear of pulling your children out of public school or never sending them in the first place. You had to face the fear of whether or not you were doing the right thing for the right reasons and if that decision would save you and your family best. Montessori teachers have to face the fear of training in an educational methodology that is even at this date not mainstream. Congratulations to you.

For those still deciding to educate their children using Montessori, be it at home or school are you going to acknowledge your fear, and then step up and take action anyway?

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